How to spot a cheating boyfriend?

You love your boyfriend, he’s just great isn’t he? While at the same time in the back of your mind your quietly worrying about the relationship. What if he isn’t so great, and is actually a cheating, dirt-bag boyfriend? Like the saying goes, girls need a reason, guys just need a place. Typical men. Dating  is built on trust, so what if you don’t trust your man and suspect your boyfriend is cheating? Here are a few super awesome signs:

Be sucpicious of Social Media

The Internet is for porn and social media these days. Finding someone online is not that difficult, especially with dating sites and Facebook apps, instant messenger, and forums. When your dating someone, it is actually quite difficult to meet someone new because your dating and typically spending all your free time with each other. Social media is an outlet for a guy to meet someone new without you knowing about it.  Who’s in his IM list? Check his browser history, has he been on a dating site recently? A little digging can go a long way. Be careful though, if your man is innocent and finds out you were snooping around, there are going to be problems. Respect your  man’s space with in reason.

Schedule change. What you didn’t know?

Were all creatures of habit. Guys form a routine and stick to it.  While some men may be spontaneous, this is not true for the day to day stuff.  So if there is a sudden change, without you knowing why, that’s a red flag? You shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that something is up, but as before, do a little digging around. Work hours increase or did he join an organization like Toastmasters, or did he make a new gym schedule? Though were habit forming, things change and you have to adapt. Just be tuned into whats up. The most important part is how you found out. Were you told or did you have to ask?

Cooling off or not that into you anymore?

Being with someone new is exciting and fun, but after time its normal and ok for the heat and passion to cool off a bit. At the start you never want to leave each others sight, but now you need some space. A girls night out, or a guys night out. This is always a bit tricky as you do not want to hurt the other person, but needing space is reasonable. So this is not automatically a sign that anything is up, besides he could be thinking the same thing about you! It is probably more a result of the relationship moving into a new calmer phase. Just be aware if there is any emotional distancing. The common stuff you should pay attention too: Does he listen, is he distant, preoccupied, uninterested, mentally not their?

I’ll Be back Later

Like I just said, you need space, he needs space. No problem. Just as the intensity of a relationship cools off  over time, so may the time you spend with one another. But don’t get it mixed up, spending less time with each other: OK. Spending no time together: BAD. Ask questions, maybe he really needs to work late, or has a lot of events to go to.  If you feel the spark is missing in the relationship you might want to check out one of the Michael Fiore reviews. Who knows, his work may be ready to wrap up a big proposal and they need him around 24/7. There could be legitimate  demands on his time. However, these bursts of time commitments are just that, bursts of time. The shouldn’t last forever so look for any unreasonable and unexplainable time commitments.

Voices in my head

When you know you know. Listen to that little voice in your head, it may be right. Just don’t do anything to crazy if you follow your feelings. Ask yourself if your concerns are reasonable, or if it is because your a bit of a jealous person, lacking in trust anyways? Problems could stem not from cheating, but because your driving your man away inadvertently, so be pay attention to this.

Dont do anything crazy

If your happy and everything is good, then relax, no worries. Only worry when there is reason to worry. Trust first, but don’t be oblivious to warning signs. Follow your feelings as they are an emotional compass. If your feeling bad about things then ask questions and connect directly with your boyfriend. By all means, you do not want him hearing that you have concerns from someone else, that just makes things worse. Don’t accuse, just talk, maybe there is something going on that has nothing to do with cheating, maybe your completely wrong, or maybe you just spotted a cheating dirt-bag asshole boyfriend.

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